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Starter Company+

Do you need assistance growing your existing small business?

Program Info

Our SC+ program is an advanced 4 month program designed to source out pain points within your business; define and design a customized implementation plan with the possibility of up to $5000 in grant funding to get the problem solved so you can get back to building your business!

Program Tags

Guelph/Wellington County Existing Business Grant Funding

Application Deadline

November 18, 2022 at 6:00 PM

Time Commitment

4 Month working with our advisors

Start Date

December 8, 2022

Number of Sessions

Monthly Group Sessions plus 1-on-1 Advisory


  • Completed Business Plan or Business Model Canvas
  • Must be an Existing Business
  • Must live or operate within Guelph and/or Wellington County


About Starter Company+

Requirements for Application Completion: 

  • Business registration and insurance
  • Executive summary of your business
  • Business Plan or Business Model Canvas
  • A copy of any professional license you need to operate your business
  • A buyer persona and customer journey map
  • 1 page Market research summary pertaining to your business endeavor


Successful applicants will participate in Monthly Group learning sessions, these are a combination of Virtual and In-Person session that allow for Networking, Learning and Professional Connection Building. Monthly group sessions are mandatory to be considered for the final grant application.

Successful applicants will also be connected with an expert Business Advisor who will guide you through the program, over-see expectations, and ensure you are on track for program completion. You can your advisor will meet regularly to review the pain points of your business and develop an implementation plan for successfully navigating the pain point. 

Participants are expected to work a minimum of 25 to 30 hours on their business a week, have decision making responsibility within your business structure and be located within Guelph and/or Wellington County as your place of residence or primary business location. 

Program Restrictions

  • You must be 18 years of age or older at the time of registration
  • An Ontario resident and Canadian citizen (or permanent resident)
  • Growing a recently created small business, or expanding an existing company
  • Committed to working a minimum of 25-30 hours a week running your business
  • Not attending school full-time or returning to school
  • Not enrolled in other provincial employment or self-employment related initiatives and programs that include or do not include financial assistance
  • Not currently enrolled concurrently in any self-employment or entrepreneurship training/financing initiatives and programs offered by government funded organizations
  • Not a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business, or a Franchise. 

***Priority will be given to those in Guelph-Wellington Area

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