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Summer Company

Summer Company is a program of the government of Ontario that helps young people between 15 and 29 years old start and run their own summer business by providing funding, advice and services.

Program Info

Learning how to run your own student business is one of the best summer jobs you can have. You get to be your own boss while learning what it takes to manage a business. Sales, marketing, bookkeeping, customer relationship management and networking are just a few of the highly useful skills you’ll develop.

Program Tags

Students Grant Funding Entrepreneurs

Application Deadline

May 31, 2022

Time Commitment

280 hours for high school students, 420 hours for post-secondary students

Start Date

At the end of winter class schedule (July for high school students, June for post secondary students)


  • Must be attending school at time of application
  • Must be returning to school in September
  • Are between 15-29 years old (if under 18: a parent or guardian must sign the agreement for the applicant)


Summer Company Program Information

A review of the program, requirements and how to get started.

About Summer Company

Program Outcomes

  • An award of up to $3,000
  • A first payment of up to $1,500 for start-up costs
  • A second payment of up to $1,500 once you’ve successfully completed the program
  • Hands-on coaching
  • Mentoring from business leaders in your community and from your program provider

Not sure where to start? Book with Olga George-Cosh, our summer company advisor.

What You Will Learn

Sessions are a mixture of online virtual training and in person events.

The Summer Company program has an application system operated by the provincial government. In apply to enter this program please complete the following.

  • Check to see if you’re eligible for the program
  • Complete the online application inquiry
  • Select your local program provider
  • Assign yourself a password
  • Submit your application inquiry

Program Restrictions

  • Go to high school, college or university
  • Live in Ontario
  • Are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Are between 15-29 years old (if under 18: a parent or guardian must sign the agreement for the applicant)
  • Are not already running a business
  • Are not working at another job or going to school for more than 12 hours a week during the program
  • Are returning to school after the program ends

Business requirements

  • Is a sole proprietorship or corporation (where you are the majority shareholder)
  • Is an independent business venture (not a part of an existing or family business)
  • Qualifies as “self-employed” for income tax purposes
  • Operates in Ontario on a full-time basis
  • Follows government rules for operating a business

Applications are currently closed.

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