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Exodus Watch Company

Improving mental health resources through time.

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If you are looking for an incredible timepiece for you or your loved ones, look no further. Introducing, Exodus Watch Company, an E-commerce watch business that specializes in delivering custom engraved watches for both men and women. But Exodus isn’t just about bringing beautiful watches to the public. They are also contributing to mental health awareness. They are doing so by partnering with the CMHA of Waterloo-Wellington, donating $10 for every watch that they sell to the organization for mental health resource allocation and research. As they continue to grow into the future, Exodus wants to increase the partnership that they have with the CMHA to help destigmatize mental health. Co-founder, Sebastian Wasilik, believes strongly in the connection between time and mental health as well as the Exodus mantra of "look good, feel good about yourself doing it." Exodus believes strongly that self-reflection can also be self-expression, thus offering free engravings for every customer.

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About Exodus Watch Company

Company Overview

University of Guelph graduate, Sebastian Wasilik began to experience mental health issues in late 2015. As he attempted to improve his mental health and well being, he was constantly telling himself that it would get better over time. This lead to time being a powerful tool for him during that period. Sebastian used time and watches as a mindfulness technique to relieve anxiety when it felt overwhelming. This created a strong connection between his mental health and time, making watches an everyday essential for any outfit.

As his mental health continued to improve, Sebastian met his now girlfriend, Aundrea. The topic of creating a watch company together came up, with both of them bringing unique business skills to the table. The goal was to create a watch brand that would not only sell exquisite watches, but also contribute to improving mental health. In March of 2022, Exodus Watch Company was born. 

History with the Business Centre

They used their combined skills to design their website, figure out the logistics, market their brand, and everything else required to start their business. Despite their business foundation being set, they lacked a narrow focus on how to grow. That is where the Business Centre of Guelph Wellington came into the picture.

With the help of their experienced mentor, Exodus Watch Company was able to determine the exact steps they needed to take in order to bring their business to the next level. They were able to better identify their target customers, improved their marketing, and bettered their brand communication across all platforms.

Upon receiving their grant money, Sebastian and Aundrea hope to hire professional videographers to develop a video that encapsulates their brand and its values. Their goal is to also improve the functionality of their website and make it more user friendly. 

Sebastian as an Entrepreneur

The success that Exodus Watch Company has found in such a short period of time is truly remarkable. But that came with some bumps along the way. When Sebastian was asked what he would tell himself when he first started the business, he stated, “Trust the process. Not everything will work out and you have to be prepared for that. Persistence and consistency is key.” The persistence and consistency that Sebastian and Aundrea have shown throughout their time running Exodus Watch Company have earned them several five star customer reviews.

If you're in search of a stylish and professional watch for yourself, your company, or as a gift for a loved one, then Exodus Watch Company is the perfect place for you. Not only do they offer amazing watches, but they also care about their community and prioritize mental wellbeing for all.

"The Business Centre has resources in every area that is required to run your business. And the best part is that they really care about you, and want your business to succeed." — Sebastian Wasilik

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