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The Cabin Office Company

Rethink the way you work and live.

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The cabin office company specializes in creating small backyard spaces including studios and garden suites. They use innovative building materials and techniques to construct high-performance, low carbon structures and are focused on modular construction to deliver fully built structures to our clients.

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About The Cabin Office Company

The Cabin Office Company was founded by Steve Reid in Guelph, Ontario, from a growing need for secondary living spaces due to the influx of home offices.

Steve is a structural engineer with exceptional experience in design and construction. With values including honesty, open-mindedness, and embracing challenge, Steve has successfully brought the Cabin Company from concept to thriving business amid a pandemic.

With the help of the Business Centre Guelph-Wellington and the Starter Company Plus Program, Steve managed to get a website set up and complete in depth market researched, that allowed him to launch successfully. With the help of the Market Research, Steve was now able to focus fully on the Cabin Office and his goals as a business owner. 

"I have truly appreciate all the support from the Business Centre!" — Steve Reid

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