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BIOS Nutrients

Replacing synthetic chemicals used to grow the food you eat.

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BIOS Nutrients is a natural fertilizer and pesticide company that is looking to decrease synthetic chemical use and bring awareness to the importance of healthy, organic soil to the Guelph-Wellington community and beyond. BIOS’ family of products is made with 100% natural, organic ingredients to help keep your soil and plants free from harmful chemicals. Each and every fertilizer, plant probiotic, extract, and pesticide is handmade with love right here in Guelph, Ontario and is lab tested to ensure that you are getting nothing but the best for your garden. Not only are their products environmentally friendly, the packaging used to house BIOS Nutrients’ fertilizer is 100% compostable!

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About BIOS Nutrients

Company Overview

Aaron Deacon, founder of BIOS Nutrients has been concerned with the use of synthetic chemicals used in the growth of the food we eat for years. Seven years ago, he decided to take action. So, he began producing his own organic fertilizers and pesticides so that he could improve his diet and the planet. Five years later, he had a revelation that he should help others achieve the same goal, and BIOS Nutrients was born.

The company’s mission is to replace synthetic chemicals used in growing the food we eat. The more that his business grows, the more we see his goal becoming a reality. Today, BIOS Nutrients can be found in 65 retail locations across Canada and the United States. You can also head on over to the links above to fulfill all of your soil and plant needs.

History with the Business Centre

While starting up his business, Aaron knew that he needed help to grow to new heights. In a conversation with one of his friends, he was introduced to the Business Centre of Guelph Wellington. He applied for the Starter Company+ program which is where he found the assistance that he needed. The Business Centre partnered with Aaron to create an actionable plan for future success. They helped him set realistic and attainable goals. As well as assisting him with the foundational challenges of obtaining licensing and certifications.

The grant money that BIOS Nutrients received through the program was also a major help. It allowed for Aaron to hire a social media manager, purchase new and innovative equipment, and further test his products.

Aaron as an Entrepreneur

Growing up in a small business family, it was only a matter of time until Aaron began his own entrepreneurial journey. Aaron has learned many things throughout his time with BIOS Nutrients so far. He tells entrepreneurs who are just starting out, “don’t be afraid to spend money and hire help” and, “marketing will be your best friend.”

So, for all gardening and plant lovers, BIOS Nutrients is the company for you. Not only will you receive amazing natural and organic fertilizers and pesticides that will be perfect for any of your soil and plant needs. You are also helping to save the planet, improve your health, and support an incredible local business and entrepreneur.

"Focus on building community over sales." — Aaron Deacon

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