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Laura Wombwell Photography

Reflecting back the magic that animals bring to our lives.

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Laura Wombwell Photography is the perfect place to get your pet photography and animal based digital art. If you want a memento of your best friend that will last a lifetime, head on over to her website. There, you can book a consultation where you and Laura will sit down and discuss exactly what type of photo or art you would like to immortalize your pet. You will then take part in your very own signature pet photo session, that will allow Laura to create art or a personalized photo just to your liking.

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About Laura Wombwell Photography

Company Overview

Nearly a decade ago, Laura began her photography journey by taking photos of her rescue dog. The more that she took photographs of her best friend, the more that she fell in love with pet photography. For the next 4 years, Laura was taking pet photos for her friends and family. Through her journey as a part time pet photographer, she saw how photographing a person’s pet can embody the amazing memories that someone has with the love of their life. With this in mind, she finally decided to create her own pet photography business, Laura Wombwell Photography.

History with the Business Centre

One of the many things that Laura loves about the photography business is that you are constantly learning and improving your craft. This is very similar to starting a new business. Laura states, “when you roll out your business, there are so many new things to learn, like bookkeeping and where to spend your marketing dollars.” That is where the Business Centre came into play for Laura Wombwell Photography.

After she was introduced to the Business Centre by her friend, Angie, she immediately knew that it would greatly help her business. Her participation in the Starter Company+ program gave her a new perspective into what was working well for her business and things that she might want to change. Also, the mentorship that she received from the Business Centre led Laura to discovering how she can expand her business from strictly local pet photography, onto the global stage.

With the help of the grant money that she received, Laura Wombwell Photography is now offering handpainted digital art that is created through pictures taken by the owner. The business is also creating video art and filming video interviews of owners talking about how much they love their pets.

Laura as an Entrepreneur

It’s clear that Laura Wombwell has made amazing strides throughout her business journey. When asked what she would tell herself when she first started her business, she exclaimed, “find your friends, organizations like the business centre, and fellow entrepreneurs to lift you up while you build your business.” Learning from fellow entrepreneurs and taking the lessons that they have learned the hard way and applying it to your business is a great way to grow. This is one of the reasons why Laura Wombwell Photography is quickly becoming one of the best places to get a photograph, video, or art piece of your furry friends. So, if you are interested in a capturing memories of your pet that will last a lifetime, check out Laura Wombwell Photography through the links above. 

"I can’t believe how many people don’t know about the Business Centre. It is such an amazing free resource that not enough new business owners know about." — Laura Wombwell

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