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Rainbow Home Organizing

Helping you be comfortable in your space

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Looking to move, downsize, pack, unpack, or organize your space but don’t know where to start? Then give Sara Novak, founder of Rainbow Home Organizing a call and she will use her expert skills to declutter your home and your life.

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About Rainbow Home Organizing

Company Overview

George Brown College Archives and Records Management graduate, Sara Novak, has always had a flare for organizing. Whether that be in her own home or in her job managing a moving company in Toronto. When she moved to Guelph she decided that she wanted to try her hand in running her own business. Using the experience that she gained throughout her life, she decided that she wanted to “help people be comfortable in their space.” In October of 2020, Rainbow Home Organizing was born.

History with the Business Centre

Sara has always been an incredible organizer, however she didn’t have any experience on the business end of things. One day, while scrolling through Facebook, her answer appeared in an ad; the Business Centre of Guelph Wellington.

She participated in several of the Business Centre’s free events, seminars, and workshops to help improve her business and make herself a better entrepreneur. Through recommendations from the Business Centre, she decided to apply for the Starter Company+ Program. Her time in the program allowed Rainbow Home Organizing to improve their target market recognition, streamline their service offerings, overcome networking fears, and better manage their time.

When asked about her experience with the Business Centre, Sara explains, “I am a new entrepreneur and Guelphite. I would not have been in the position that I am in today without the support of the Business Centre of Guelph Wellington. The mentorship, coaching, and workshops have helped my business grow rapidly.”

Coupled with the amazing mentorship and guidance that Sara received, the grant that she was given is helping Rainbow Home Organizing grow and improve. She is taking the money that she was given to help her rebrand her business as well as hire a business coach to further push her and her business in finding even more success.

Sara as an Entrepreneur

The growth of Sara as an entrepreneur is very clear. Over the past three years of running her business, she reminds herself, “don’t rush it. Just go slow.” The old saying, “slow and steady wins the race” is working wonders for Sara Novak and Rainbow Home Organizing. So if you need help reorganizing, downsizing, or moving, don’t forget to give Rainbow Home Organizing a call and they will help to make you comfortable in your space.

"The Business Centre of Guelph Wellington is a tremendous asset. Their programming is well thought out and well put together. I got so much out of their program and I am extremely grateful to them because of the challenges they helped me overcome." — Sara Novak

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