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2H Media

A user first marketing agency.

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2H Media is a user-first agile marketing agency based in Southern Ontario. They help deliver and close leads by offering full-service marketing and design across a variety of platforms. By building real relationships and fostering transparency, they help businesses scale online.

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2H Media Testimonial

2H Media talks about their experience with the Business Centre.

About 2H Media

Company Overview

2H Media was founded in Guelph, Ontario in 2017 by Matthew Herchel, and Ben Hohner with a goal of bringing innovation and transparency to the digital marketing space. In early, 2020, their leadership was joined by Aron Murch, replacing Ben Hohner who would soon take a position at Mozilla. Since then, their team has expanded alongside their service offerings. They are proud to support local businesses in Guelph, Waterloo, and Kitchener as well as enterprise-level companies across North America.

Their approach is agile and iterative. They help businesses scale online by breaking larger projects down into manageable sprints to allow business owners to recognize value sooner. Their focus is on transparency and consistency. By introducing business owners to standardized processes they are able to answer questions sooner, complete projects faster, and produce results that encourage long-term relationships.

History With the Business Centre

2H Media co-founders Matthew Herchel and Ben Hohner walked through our doors early in their entrepreneurial journey. They were on a mission to learn more about Guelph's business landscape and to find out what resources were available for small businesses. After speaking to our executive director, Kristel Manes, the pair enrolled in Starter Company Plus and went on to refine their business plan and further develop their working relationship with the BCGW team.

As their business grew, the pair evolved from their start as young entrepreneurs and became business mentors in their own right. Since then, 2H Media has been a regular part of our Starter Company Plus program, providing marketing insight for small businesses during our "Ask the professional" event. In addition to helping businesses assess their marketing needs, 2H Media has never stopped networking at our business events. In fact, it was through Starter Company Plus that Ben and Matthew were introduced to Aron Murch who would soon become a partner at 2H Media.

"Without participating in Starter Company Plus through the Business Centre, I can honestly say I don't know where I'd be today." — Aron Murch

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