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Beck's Broth

Nourishing the Community

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What if we were to tell you that there is a delicious and nutritious coffee and hot chocolate on the market that will satisfy your cravings while still being great for you? I would like to introduce Beck’s Broth. Beck’s Broth is bone broth reimagined to make it taste like your favourite beverages. Beck’s unique creation allows for you to get all of the nutritional and health benefits of bone broth, coupled with the amazing flavours of coffee and hot chocolate.

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About Beck's Broth

Company Overview

Before starting Beck’s Broth, Beck spent 8 years in project management for a marketing firm as well as being a registered holistic nutritionist. While working with her holistic nutrition clients, she recommended that they consume bone broth to help nourish and strengthen their digestive system and body. She began to make bone broth coffee and hot chocolate for those who were hesitant to follow her advice. Her clients loved her creation! Seeing a gap in the market, Beck founded Beck’s Broth in November of 2021. 

History with the Business Centre

Working in marketing for nearly a decade gave Beck a clear understanding of the importance of social media in the growth of a startup. However, she didn’t really know much else about business when first starting out. So, she went to Google and searched “business support Guelph” and she found her answer; the Business Centre of Guelph Wellington.

Beck participated in many events and seminars that the Business Centre had to offer to help grow her business. This lead her to applying to the Starter Company+ program. The program introduced her to so many wonderful connections that she could lean on to help her and her business succeed. Knowing that there is support out there for any questions or concerns that she had was the safety net that Beck was looking for while she continued to grow her company. 

The grant money that Beck received through the program is helping to take her company in a whole new direction. She is using the money to create a safety net for her business by incorporating, building business contracts, and researching a more in depth nutritional analysis with the university of Guelph.

Beck as an Entrepreneur

Beck offers a unique view point when it comes to marketing her products. She explains, “a huge part of my following enjoys my product. But they also like seeing what resources we use to grow the business. Places like the Business Centre and Innovation Guelph have been really important resources for my online community to learn about. Especially for those who want to start their own business." Many entrepreneurs only focus on marketing their product, not their journey. Beck shows us that when you let your following see not only what you’re doing, but also how you’re doing it, it makes them feel invested in your company and brand.

Beck’s entrepreneurial journey is truly amazing. She took an incredibly nutrient dense ingredient, bone broth, and put a unique spin on it by creating delicious beverages that people want to enjoy daily. Through all of her success, she still knows the struggles of having the weight of a company on her shoulders. She commented that, “the power of reflection really helps. I made it a habit at the end of the day to create a gain list where I write down everything that I accomplished, big or small.”


Beck’s mentality, and hard work coupled with the connections and advise that she received from the Business Centre helped her in building a business that “nourishes the community” and it can help you too. So, if you are looking for a delicious and nutritious drink to start your day or pick you up when you’re down, Beck’s Broth is the beverage for you. 

"I am so grateful that programs like the Business Centre exist. The small business community and the community as a whole greatly benefit from their services. They make having a business feel a lot less scary." — Rebecca Prime

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