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Helping people with ADHD live a better life

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Are you or is someone you love struggling with ADHD? Then book a complimentary Introduction Call with Christine Stevens-Gopsill of Focus ADHD Coaching for understanding, strategies, and life navigation skills. Focus ADHD Coaching specializes in one-on-one coaching for adults ages 18 to 80, and post secondary students with ADHD. Christine also provides coaching and program development services to colleges and universities to help the faculty better assist their students with ADHD. She even does public speaking for corporations and institutions to build awareness and organizational capacity for those with Neurodiversity.

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About Focus ADHD Coaching

Company Overview

Christine is extremely familiar with the post secondary education and corporate sectors. Prior to opening Focus ADHD Coaching, she spent 21 years as a Student Advisor for major colleges and universities across Ontario. She was also a Program Development and Human Resources Manager in the corporate business world. These experiences allowed Christine to envision the potential of bringing sellable programs to market. Her previous career also made her more comfortable with engaging professionals in meaningful interactions. 

Stevens-Gopsill explains, “I always knew that there was a business opportunity, and I have an entrepreneurial spirit. It never felt like a perfect fit while I was working in corporate.” Not only did Christine know that she wanted to start a business, she also knew the perfect business to start. In August of 2021, she realized her potential and Focus ADHD Coaching was born with the mission of, "establishing working partnerships that challenges clients, builds their strengths, explores their current reality with curiosity, and find positive ways to make change and promote forward momentum."

History with the Business Centre

Shortly after beginning her new venture, Christine knew that she needed help with the technical aspects of her business. A quick trip to Google delivered the answer that she was searching for; the Business Centre of Guelph Wellington. 

After completing the Business Centre’s “Momentum” and “Stepping into Business” workshops, it was recommended to Christine that she apply for the Starter Company+ Program.

The expert mentorship, coupled with the many professionals involved in the Starter Company+ Program and the Business Centre as a whole, allowed for Focus ADHD Coaching to reach new heights!

The program helped Christine to “get out of her own way.” Meaning, her mentor assisted Christine to better verbalize her thoughts, goals, and fears for the future of her business. The mentorship that Christine received played a major role in her business’ success. She stated that, “my mentor got to know me and adjusted her coaching style to fit my business and personal needs.”

With the grant money that Focus ADHD Coaching received, Christine is looking to increase her level of certifications through the International Coaches Federation. These extra credentials will increase the credibility of Focus ADHD Coaching as a business, and for Christine as a Coach. 

Christine as an Entrepreneur

It is obvious that Christine made the right decision when she chose to leave the corporate world in pursuit of her entrepreneurial journey. It is also clear that she has grown as an entrepreneur since beginning her venture. This occurred through the experiences that she has had coupled with the guidance and mentorship from the Business Centre. When asked what advice she would give to herself when first starting her business, Christine replied, “be patient and kind to yourself.”

So, if you or someone you love is struggling with ADHD, send them to Christine Stevens-Gopsill and Focus ADHD Coaching. There, Christine will use her expert coaching skills and techniques to partner with them to build strategies and life navigation skills that will assist them for the rest of their lives.

"The step-like progression of the programs that I have been a part of were perfect for helping me and my business grow." — Christine Stevens-Gopsill

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