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Providing peace of mind and more functional spaces to our clients.

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Sick and tired of the mess cluttering up your home? Do you want a more organized and functional space to live and work in? Then call Diane Woodworth, of Worth Organizing. Worth Organizing is a home and residential organizing service that partners with clients, just like you, to declutter and create a more functional space to help you meet your individual needs.

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Diane Woodworth talks about her experience with the Business Centre Guelph-Wellington

About Worth Organizing

Company Overview

Before starting her business, Diane had several very difficult years in which she had to deal with organizing the estate of her father who suddenly passed away. As well as transitioning her mother from her cluttered apartment into a tiny long term care facility. These major events in Diane’s life reinforced her need to help others going through a life transition just like she did. Her goal became to support people going through life transitions (either big or small) in the areas that she had little support or awareness in while she was completing those very difficult tasks for her parents. Her experiences with her parents coupled with her professional background in disability management and education lead to the creation of Worth Organizing in 2019.

History with the Business Centre

From the beginning, Diane was amazing in the field of organization and helping her clients achieve their spacial dreams. But the business aspect of Worth Organizing was still very new to her. As she searched through Google, the perfect answer appeared, the Business Centre of Guelph Wellington.

Diane always has several ideas about ways to help grow and improve her business. With the help of the Business Centre, she was able to “declutter her ideas” and find out the best place to start. This assisted Diane in many aspect of her business, including; choosing a business name, developing a marketing plan, creating sales projections, building a customer journey map, and learning about how to leverage social media for her company. But most importantly, the mentorship that she received let Diane know the steps she needed to take in order to find success in her business. 

Along with the invaluable mentorship that she received from the Business Centre, the grant given to Worth Organizing will help the business in many different ways. The first thing that Diane would like to do with the grant is to work on her brand awareness through promotional items like shirts and custom labels. She would also like to start showcasing her service at trade shows to increase the visibility of her brand. Finally, Diane hopes to purchase a tablet in order to improve the customer experience and her design capabilities during the initial client consultations.

Diane as an Entrepreneur

Ever since finding the Business Centre of Guelph Wellington, Diane Woodworth has not only been able to do an exceptional job at organizing the spaces of several people. She has also organized her business which has put Worth Organizing on a clear path to success. Her growth as an entrepreneur is obvious from when she started her business to now. When Diane was asked what she would tell herself when she first started Worth Organizing, she replied, “You can’t expect to do it all yourself. Reach out and accept support. Set small goals to find progress, not perfection. And don’t compare yourself to others.”

So, if you feel like your life and space have become too much to handle, call Diane Woodworth of Worth Organizing, and she will be able to help you and your family find a path to a more functional lifestyle. 

"The Business Centre of Guelph Wellington has been instrumental in all aspect of my business from the very start. I have appreciated and benefited so much from their support and suspect that I will in the future as well." — Diane Woodworth

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