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Are you a small business owner that is looking to improve your digital marketing or expand into the digital world? Then you are looking for university student and Summer Company alumni, Zach Cymbaluk and Suez Digital. Suez Digital is a lean digital marketing agency offering online digital marketing services, and digital channel expansion for businesses in Ontario to help them generate more revenue through the internet.

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History with the Business Centre

Zach has always been passionate about entrepreneurship and was already planning to start his company before discovering the Business Centre. However, when he found out about the Summer Company program, he knew that it was a perfect fit! Not only would it help him hone is skills as an entrepreneur and provide him starting capital to get his business off the ground. He was able to use the program to fulfill his university co-op term.

When asked if he sees entrepreneurship as a possible career choice, Zach replied, “Yes, absolutely, this is the plan. I will finish my degree and will continue with the business.”

Growth from Summer Company

Throughout the summer, Zach improved in many aspects of entrepreneurship that will help him throughout his business journey. He was able to develop his knowledge of the business plan, and creating a target persona. Zach gained perspective into the importance of time management and separating personal time and work hours. He grasped the nuances of accurately budgeting and forecasting sales and profits. Finally, he experienced the weight of being the face of his business and the responsibility that comes with it. 

Entering the digital marketing world can be a daunting task, especially for a young entrepreneur. That is why Cymbaluk found such great value in his mentorship sessions with 2H Media Co-Founder, Matthew Hershel. This mentorship opportunity afforded Zach the ability to gain insider knowledge and experience. This includes, understanding his target market, the importance of branding, innovative digital media tools, customer relationship management, and being comfortable speaking about his business. 

Along with the mentorship that he received from 2H Media, Summer Company program mentor, Olga George-Cosh used her lifetime of knowledge to help Zach progress his entrepreneurial skills. Olga explains, “The Summer Company program proved to be a great experience for Zach. He got a better understanding of how to organize his professional time versus personal time and how to add to business targets. Zach had a very successful summer! He is passionate about being an entrepreneur and will continue to expand this business into the future.”

What's Next

When asked what would tell other students that are considering entrepreneurship, Zach exclaimed, “You need to find a skill you have to intersect with what you like to do, you need to enjoy what you are planning to do.”

So, if your business is looking to improve their digital marketing, expand into online channels, and grow your profits through online means, then contact Zach Cymbaluk and Suez Digital to embrace the digital era.

"I will recommend the program to all the students who have a a business idea. It will give you a bit of funding and is an excellent program." — Zach Cymbaluk

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