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Calculated risk taking is a virtue that many of us wish we possessed. This is especially true when it comes to entrepreneurship. Being able to start a company from scratch, and learn along the way, even if you have no prior experience in that line of work is one of the hallmarks of a great entrepreneur. Kevin Yang, founder of Snap Turf and Summer Company program alumni fits this description perfectly.

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About Snap Turf

Company Overview

Snap Turf is a Guelph based lawn care business, offering edging, over-seeding, weeding, and mowing services all across the city. However, Kevin had no prior skills or knowledge about the landscaping industry. In fact, he didn’t even know that he would be running a business in the summer! Kevin explains, “I wasn’t planning to start a business, but once I learned about the Summer Company program, I wanted to start the business. If not, I would have had a part time job and done badminton training.”

Growth from Summer Company

Over the course of the summer, Kevin improved in every aspect of landscaping and backyard maintenance. He learned the perfect ways to cut grass, what sizing techniques are best, and how to effectively dispose of weeds. Business advisor, Olga George-Cosh shares, “Kevin took the risk to engage in a business he did not have all the skills to run. Doing a lot of research on lawn care best practices and with a lot of motivation, Kevin was able to provide quality services to his customers.”

Kevin also progressed in several aspect of entrepreneurship, that will help him in any endeavour. He increased his understanding of sales pitches and advertising preparation. Kevin learned how to schedule his availability to coincide with client preferences. He also improved his financial tracking abilities. But most importantly, Yang learned to appreciate the motivation necessary to do something every day. And he hopes to improve upon this skill next year.

The mentorship sessions that Kevin took part in were also extremely beneficial. The Digital Marketing and Branding online workshop were particular applicable to Snap Turf. This workshop taught Kevin the best timing to reach out to clients, door-to-door sales techniques, the importance of addressing client preferences, and the benefits of employing passive advertising.

Above all else, the mentorship received from Olga George-Cosh assisted Kevin greatly. Her impact on Yang was evident throughout his participation in the program. In their exit interview, Olga exclaimed, “at many levels running his landscaping business was big learning curve, but the results were very satisfying. Kevin also met one of his personal goals to have clients and a business that he will run in the following years.”

What's Next

After taking the time to reflect on his time in the Summer Company program, proudly, Kevin exclaimed, “I wanted to establish a customer base to have an income for next year. Yes, I accomplished as much as I wanted.”

Following a successful summer landscaping campaign, Kevin was asked what he would tell future students interested in entrepreneurship. He answered, “make sure you have the time and motivation to do the business. If not, it will not be as successful as it could be.”

As summer turns to fall and Kevin returns to high school, Snap Turf will be put on the back burner. We here at the Business Centre can’t wait to see all of the amazing things that Kevin has in store as he continues his entrepreneurial journey. Once the need for lawn care and backyard maintenance returns next spring, be sure to call Snap Turf for Guelph’s premiere lawn and garden services!

"I would recommend the program to any other student who has a passion and wants to start their own business." — Kevin Yang

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