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A beautiful lawn, without the hassle.

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With summer quickly approaching, there is so much excitement in the air. Barbecues, swimming, playing outside, and simply enjoying the beautiful weather are all things that we get to look forward to in the coming weeks. But one thing that most people dread is also on the horizon; backyard maintenance! For anyone who sighed while reading the previous sentence, we have just the solution to all of your backyard woes; JMD Lawn Care! Jesse Duhacek and JMD Lawn Care specialize in residential and commercial lawn maintenance, seasonal cleanups, and even hedge trimming!

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About JMD Lawn Care

History with the Business Centre

While sitting in his tenth grade Entrepreneurship class, Jesse heard his teacher talking about a program that allows students to run their own business throughout the summer. She was referring to the Business Centre’s Summer Company Program. Jesse always liked the idea of being his own boss. Being a high-level Rep baseball player, his schedule never allowed him to pursue part time summer employment. So, the thought of not being constricted to a regular work schedule and being able to keep all of the profits of a potential venture was very intriguing to him. 

Jesse knew that he wanted to apply for the Summer Company Program, but that begged the question, “what business should I start?” With years of helping his friends and family with mowing their lawns, and an interest in the lawn maintenance industry blossoming in his mind, Jesse knew exactly what business he was going to pursue. 

He was accepted into the Summer Company Program, and with the help of his highly experienced mentor, JMD Lawn Care was born in July of 2021! Their mission to this day is, "to build long-term relationships with our clients and industry peers while making a difference in our community. By working closely with our clients, we aim to provide exceptional quality lawn services to your property."

Jesse’s Experience with Summer Company

Being that he was still so young and had no prior experience running his own business, Jesse’s mentor from the Business Centre was pivotal in helping him get his company off the ground. When asked about the support that he received from the Summer Company Program, Jesse replied, "I received advice from my mentor Olga any time I needed it and for all areas of my business. The Business Centre also really helped with getting my business exposure throughout the community. And the funding definitely helped too!"

With the funding that JMD Lawn Care received through the Summer Company Program, Jesse was able to purchase most of his start up equipment. This included a leaf blower, lawn mower, and tools to help him with yard maintenance. Jesse exclaimed, "it was a great kick start for the business!"

Jesse as an Entrepreneur

When first starting his company, Jesse was very introverted and didn’t yet feel comfortable with going out to sell himself and his services. With the help of his tremendous desire to learn, coupled with the mentorship that he received throughout his time in the Summer Company Program, he was able to overcome those fears and transform himself into an excellent salesman. 

Jesse’s growth as an entrepreneur from the time that he was first accepted into the Summer Company Program to now is obvious. When asked what he would tell himself when he first started the business, he answered by saying, “don’t be scared to make mistakes. I thought it was unprofessional to mess up. Now I know that you have to learn from your mistakes and be open about them to your clients.”

So, if the thought of lawn care makes you even a little bit less excited for summer, call Jesse Duhacek of JMD Lawn Care to have a beautiful lawn, without the hassle.

"My experience with the Business Centre of Guelph Wellington has been amazing. Everyone who I have worked with has been friendly, professional, and very helpful. Their knowledge and support will help anyone to create or better their business!" — Jesse Duhacek

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