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The Beauty of the Tropics, Right Here at Home

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Canada is known for having some of the most bountiful and beautiful natural resources in the world. However, there are many exquisite plants that we are unable to grow in this country. But that doesn’t stop rare tropical plant lovers and collectors from wanting to get their hands on these natural treasures. That’s where Summer Company program alumni, Kyle Khan, and Ungrowable Incorporated comes into the picture. Ungrowable Inc. will import rare, juvenile, tropical house plants, rehabilitate and grow them, and sell them to rare plant collectors right here in Canada.

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Kyle Khan


About Ungrowable Inc

History with the Business Centre

Kyle is incredibly knowledgeable about exotic and specialized plants. He is also extremely passionate about entrepreneurship. Kyle was considering starting a business over the summer, but he initially didn’t have the confidence to do so. Kyle explains, “if I wasn’t a part of the Summer Company program, I would not have been so far ahead and I probably would have dropped the business idea.” 

Thankfully for plant lovers all across Canada, the Business Centre of Guelph-Wellington and Summer Company came to the rescue. Business advisor, Olga George-Cosh shares, “Summer Company provided him with the support and assistance which contributed to his confidence that running this business could be a possibility.”

Growth from Summer Company

Over the course of the summer, Kyle made some serious headway towards opening Ungrowable Inc. In three short months, Khan gained a better understanding of business plans and the appropriate business model to achieve success. He improved at prioritizing tasks to optimize the efficiency of his time. Kyle learned marketing techniques from the Business Centre’s Digital Advisor. He enhanced his record keeping and bookkeeping skillset, learning the ins and outs of Microsoft Excel. But most importantly, Khan was able to develop the essential skill of resilience, which will assist him in any endeavour. 

The business training sessions that the Summer Company cohort received was also extremely beneficial for Kyle. In the Stepping into business Webinar Series, Khan discovered the business model canvas, user persona, customer journey map, and the requirements for a small business launch. 

Above all else, the mentorship that Kyle received from mentor, Olga George-Cosh was extremely beneficial. Her effect on Khan was evident throughout his time in the program. In their exit interview, Olga exclaimed, “understanding the importance of planning a business helped Kyle in initiating the start-up of his venture. He wanted to create a solid base for the business, so he incorporated it. He also is working hard in developing the right branding and business model."

What's Next

When asked what advice he would give to future student entrepreneurs, Kyle replied, “connect with the Business Centre of Guelph-Wellington. They have the programs and the experience to help. Do not be afraid to take risks. As a young person, you can take more risks than someone who has a family to take care.”

As Kyle continues his journey towards the grand opening of Ungrowable Incorporated, we here at the Business Centre are waiting in anticipation to see all of the amazing things that he will accomplish throughout his entrepreneurial journey. And for all plant lovers, be on the lookout for Kyle and Ungrowable Inc. so that you can get the beauty of the tropics, right here at home.

"Becoming an entrepreneur is my preferred career choice as I know I have a lot of skills and knowledge. Also, a 9 to 5 workday for traditional employment is not easily achievable when you deal with disabilities." — Kyle Khan

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