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Momentum Business Mentor Program

Find your Mentor and solve your Business or Non-Profits’ pain points!

Program Info

Mentors are one of the most highly valued resources for small and medium sized business. Over 92% of small businesses agree, that engaged mentors have had direct impact on defining strategic ways to help them sustain, build, and grow their businesses. This program works with small business owners and non-profits to create a tangible strategy, and then matches you with both an expert Business Advisor and specialists to help you execute the plan successfully.

Program Tags

Existing Business Small Business Medium Business Mentorship

Application Deadline

Deadline date for next application: December 12th, 2022

Time Commitment

3 Months of Advisory and Mentor sessions.

Start Date

Next Cohort Launch Dates: January 2023

Number of Sessions

2 Group Sessions, 8 hours total of Advisory and Mentor Hours


  • Own an existing business


About Momentum Business Mentor Program

Program Outcomes

During the course of completing the Momentum Program, you will receive:

  • 1 on 1 support from a Business Advisor to help you identify key areas of improvement in your business
  • An intensive development and implementation plan for your business
  • 1 on 1 meetings with an specially assigned Experienced Mentor to help you through the development plan
  • Regular follow-up meetings with your Business Advisor to review the stage of your plan implementation

What You Will Learn

This 3 month intensive Mentoring and Advisory program is built to help businesses navigate pain points and growth strategies.

Momentum mentors bring years of business experience, many of them successful small business owners themselves. Mentors volunteer through the Business Centre Guelph-Wellington to help other entrepreneurs like you, by sharing their real-world experience and bona fide knowledge in running successful small businesses. With the help of the Pollinate mentor matching, you as the business owner will be provided with the best matched mentor to help you succeed.

This program works with small business owners by matching you with a Business Advisor to create a tangible plan that will help to overcome some of the current barriers your business maybe facing in these times of recovery. We then match you with a Mentor who's an industry expert and small business owner to help motivate and guide you through the development and implementation of the plan. Your individual Mentor and Advisor with help to better position you and your business for future growth and sustainability.

We understand that there are not for profit organizations struggling to survive and so we are happy to include registered Not for Profit and Charitable organizations looking for the same guidance, support, and resources as well.

Please note that there is absolutely NO COST TO YOU, just the opportunity to surround yourself with people who have been successful in their businesses and professional careers and want the same for you . Your expectations are dedicating your time and effort while included in the program to implement the goals and plans developed between you, your Advisor and your Mentor.

Sound good? Registering today as we are now accepting applications for the next cohort.

Are you interested in becoming a Mentor? Apply Now

Program Restrictions

Momentum is open to small businesses and Not for Profit organizations throughout Ontario with the follow requirements: 

  • Currently open for business/operating at the time of application
  • The Participant must be in the legal position to make business decisions on behalf of the company/organization
  • The Participant has the time capacity to work directly on the tangible plan for 3 to 4 months
  • The Participant dedicates a minimum of 20 hours a week to the business or organization
  • NOT a MLM business or franchise, including those individually owned and operated
  • NOT part of a larger brokerage, including insurance, and real estate


Applications are currently closed.

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