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The global standard for international trade training and certification

Program Info

Practical international business training, gold-standard industry backed credentials, and researched-based business resources. Find everything you need to go global with confidence.

Program Tags

Export/Import Training/Workshop Entrepreneurs

Application Deadline

Registration closes at 3 days before each event

Time Commitment

2+ hours per workshop

Number of Sessions

2 to 4 workshops per course


About FITTskills

In business, know-how is survival. FITT programs create and recognize high performers to support company growth in global markets.

The BCGW and FITT (Forum for International Trade Training) have partnered in order to provide Small and Medium sized business owners with information and training of international trade including Import, Export and requirements for both. 

The FITT program consists of 6 courses focused on requirements to start your Import and Export journey. 

These courses are offer through a series of individual workshops. Each course consists of up to 4 workshops that do not need to be completed in sequence. Workshops can be completed on an as needs basis, with completed information being registered through the FITT platform. 

Participants have the opportunity to receive:

FITT Certificate in International Trade

Participants must successfully complete any three (3) FITTskills courses and corresponding assessments, or equivalency thereof

FITT Diploma in International Trade

Participants must successfully complete all six(6) FITTskills courses and corresponding assessments, or equivalency thereof

Note: Successful completion of a workshop will earn participants a partial credit towards the course the workshop derives from.

Workshops consist of: 

  • Emailed resource of FITTskills eBook relevant to the course they registered to
  • 2+ hour virtual workshop with a FITTskills instructor
  • Opportunity to book a 1-on-1 advisory appointment with our FITT specialist
  • Login information for the online assessment
    • Assessments must be completed within 30 days of workshop completion

Assessment Information:

  • Initial Assessment examination is included in the cost of the workshop and must be completed within 30days of the training session.
  • For all workshops, except International Trade Finance: All multiple-choice examinations for workshops are provided online, are open book, and are two(2) hours in length.
    For the International Trade Finance course: The multiple-choice examination for the course is provided online, is open book, and is three (3) hours in length.

Program Restrictions

Registration for workshops must be completed through the events page and paid for 4 days before sessions start. 

All upcoming workshops will be listed on our Events Page. 

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