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Creativity for CEOs

Learn the art of reflective thinking

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How often do you take time for deliberate creativity? Not creativity related to arts or crafts, but deep, reflective thinking?

It’s so easy to forgo this vital activity for what seems to be more productive work - even for those well versed in the values and benefits of creative thinking. But imagine for a moment, how might your business and life be different if you took the time and energy to be curious, make unusual connections, consider different perspectives and use your imagination?

This session will help you develop a creative mindset, and discuss strategies for developing a practice of creativity that will help make pigs fly!

Bridges to Better Business Business Strategy



Date & Time

October 24, 2022 12:30 pm




  • Karin Davis, Pink Pigs Fly


  • Understand the use of reflective thinking
  • Build the ability to think outside the box
  • Develop business strategies to gain new perspectives and opportunities


Karin Davis

As the Founder & Chief Creativity Strategist, I partner with senior leaders to help them infuse creativity into their business strategy and develop creative leaders which leads to greater innovation and greater ROI. Our work goes beyond traditional training and is more than just consulting. We take your business to the next level by shifting mindsets and culture to develop lasting organizational change. When I'm not immersing myself in the latest creativity and innovation research, I can usually be found doodling or daydreaming.

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