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Shift Yoga Collective

Shift your perspective on what wellness can really mean

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Despite the pandemic having run its course, the aftermath to our sense of community and belonging can be felt by many. The absence of togetherness, coupled with high stress and difficulty of life has left people feeling lonelier than ever; However, it doesn’t have to stay that way. What if there was a place that could help you live a more stress-free and consistent life, full of community, compassion, and self-love? Welcome to Shift Yoga Collective.

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About Shift Yoga Collective

Company Overview

In 2022 after moving to Guelph, yoga instructor Haley Wall noticed an absence of community driven spaces centred around yoga and wellness. After a serendipitous encounter with a new, perfectly suited space that had just come on the market, a leap was made. In January of 2023 Shift Yoga Collective, located in the heart of Downtown Guelph, opened its door to the community. With the intention to be more than just a space for yoga, Shift offers an opportunity for people to "Move together, Breath together, and Be together.

Their mission is, “ to help you connect your mind and body, through breath and movement. To create space for you to attain improved mental and physical wellness. To increase your quality of life by guiding you towards a more mindful way of living.”Haley and Shift Yoga Collective strive to achieve this mission through a variety of yoga, community, and wellness-based activities. Discover their robust schedule of movement-oriented classes, personal training options, workshops, and free community events. These activities will help you shift your perspective on what movement and mindfulness can afford to your wellbeing.

History with the Business Centre

Throughout their first year of operations, Shift Yoga Collective had developed a loyal following within the community, but as a first-time Brick-and-Mortar business owner, Haley recognized that she could benefit from advice from those that had navigated small business ownership already. Through recommendations from her entrepreneurial network and past experiences, she sought out the guidance of the Business Centre of Guelph-Wellington.

She applied and was accepted into the Business Centre's Starter Company+ Program. There, her experienced mentor helped her gain a greater sense of direction and clarity for the future of her venture. The workshops and one-on-one coaching helped to accelerate Shift Yoga Collective’s ability to accomplish their goals.The $5000 grant that they received also greatly impacted their business. The funding allowed for an upgrade in software, improving overall customer experience. They were also able to advance their service offerings and create a line of branded apparel. This has given their loyal following the opportunity to wear the studio like a badge of honour.

Haley as an Entrepreneur

Haley's time as a contract yoga instructor in the 8 years leading up to starting her business gave her a taste of what small business ownership would require. However, the world of entrepreneurship is a one-of-a-kind experience that has helped Haley grow tremendously.

When asked what she would tell herself when first starting her business, Haley exclaimed, “be patient! Sometimes you want everything to happen all at once and for everything to be great from day one. Knowing how things have gone over the last year, I wish that I had given myself a little bit of a space to learn without being so attached to day to day outcomes.”So, if you are looking for a yoga studio that encapsulates the values of community and personal wellness, then you are looking for Shift Yoga Collective. Join their community to shift your perspective on what wellness can truly mean.

"It was so great to work with the BCGW! Learning and evolving is such an important part of business ownership, and utilizing the resources that the Business Centre has to offer is an easy way to expand your repertoire of knowledge." — Haley Wall

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