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With summer holidays upon us, people are preparing their backyards, buying barbecues and lawn furniture, and getting everything they need for them and their family to enjoy this long-awaited break. Many people choose to spend these beautiful summer months embarking on a vacation! If you are one of the people fortunate enough to be traveling to a destination in the near future, we have just the place for you to find all of your travel essentials; Modern Tourist at 1 Quebec Street in the heart of Downtown Guelph.

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About Modern Tourist

Company Overview

Whether your journey is taking you just a few hours away or overseas, to the cottage or to another continent, be sure to make Modern Tourist the first destination on your itinerary. Elena Zizza and Modern Tourist specialize in high-end travel gear and accessories, like luggage, backpacks, briefcases, shoes, leather accessories, and anything else you could possibly need to make your excursion one to remember.

Elena explains, "Modern Tourist offers travel gear and accessories, as well as advice to people on how to better prepare for their adventures. We offer online shopping that would satisfy even the most seasoned and experienced traveller."

Elena had been managing a travel store for 7 years when one day she decided to fulfill her lifelong ambition of becoming an entrepreneur. All of her experience in the travel industry, coupled with the knowledge and contacts that she had obtained throughout her managerial journey culminated in the grand opening of Modern Tourist in 2009.

History with the Business Centre

Elena was running her brick-and-mortar store to perfection, becoming a business engrained in the Downtown Guelph community. However, when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, everything changed. All of a sudden, people were no longer able to shop in person at Modern Tourist. Elena knew that she needed to develop an e-commerce presence for her business, and fast! Unfortunately, she had no prior knowledge about developing an online store or building a website.

Looking for a solution to her digital woes, Elena received an email from the Business Centre of Guelph Wellington containing the answer she was looking for; the Digital Transformation Grant from Digital Main Street. 

The $2500 Digital Transformation Grant that Modern Tourist received was used exclusively to fund the creation of her online store. Elena’s involvement with Digital Main Street allowed for Modern Tourist to provide anxious travellers with their entire shopping list of getaway gadgets and gear once travelling outside of Canada resumed.

Elena as an Entrepreneur

Elena’s growth as an entrepreneur since starting Modern tourist in 2009 is clear. When asked what she would tell herself when she first started her business, she exclaimed, “get on social media much earlier!” When Modern Tourist opened, social media marketing wasn’t yet the norm. Just like how Digital Main Street helped Elena adapt to the new e-commerce world caused by the pandemic; she was also able to adopt new marketing techniques through the years to help Modern Tourist remain Guelph’s premier high-end travel retailer.

So, no matter where you plan to travel this summer, make sure the first place you go is Modern Tourist at 1 Quebec Street in Downtown Guelph to ensure that your vacation is one to remember.

"My experience with Digital Main Street was extremely helpful in terms of the knowledge and experience that I gained about my online business." — Elena Zizza

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