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Feel Comfortable, Confident, and Beautiful on your Big Day

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Ready to say "I do" in 2024? Let LUSH BY ANU make all of your wedding dreams come true! LUSH BY ANU specializes in bridal alterations, mobile steaming, and design, helping you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful while walking down the aisle. Anu employs only the highest quality fabrics, equipment, and techniques to make you feel like a princess on your big day.

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Company Overview

In her home country of Sri Lanka, Anu had years of experience in the world of dress making and alterations. Upon marrying her husband and moving to Canada in 2022, she wanted to continue with her passion and independence as she began her new life in Guelph. After conducting meticulous market research, Anu discovered that the services she provides fills a gap in the Guelph market. On February 24th, 2023, Anu’s passion, ambition, and goal for her future was realized through the opening of LUSH BY ANU.

Their mission is to, “bring joy to our clients, making them feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident, especially during sentimental moments in their lives.”

History with the Business Centre

LUSH BY ANU saw some incredible early triumphs as her business was growing each and every day. However, with low brand recognition, Anu was not seeing the level of clientele that she had hoped. Realizing that she needed some assistance with taking her business to the next level, coupled with a recommendation from her friend and neighbour, Stephanie, Anu contacted the Business Centre of Guelph-Wellington.

Applying and being accepted into the Business Centre’s Starter Company+ program was pivotal for LUSH BY ANU's future success. Her time in the program gave her some excellent insights into how to run a business in Canada and strategies for growth. As a newcomer to Guelph, the program also greatly improved Anu’s confidence in her second language, allowing her to become much more comfortable when conversing with clients and industry professionals.

The grant money that she received from the program also greatly benefited the business. The $5000 grant afforded LUSH BY ANU the ability to purchase an industrial sewing machine, steam iron, and custom cutting table. This new machinery along with the advice that she received from her program mentor led Anu to creating an add-on service for her company; mobile steaming. If you and your bridesmaid’s require dress steaming on your big day, look no further than LUSH BY ANU who will come to your venue and ensure that your dresses are looking picture perfect.

Anu as an Entrepreneur

From arriving in Guelph just 2 short years ago, to being a staple in the Guelph-Wellington dress and bridal community, Anu and her business have come a long way. In that time, Anu’s entrepreneurial journey has been nothing short of amazing. With the help of the Business Centre, she has skyrocketed her confidence in the English language and pushed her business to new heights. Consequently, LUSH BY ANU received the CommunityAwards Guelph 2024 Platinum Award in the Dressmaker category.

When asked what she would tell herself when she first started her business, Anu exclaimed, “as a new immigrant, you need to do something for your new country. Develop a strong vision to help you reach your goals.”

So, say goodbye to your wedding dress woes with expert help from LUSH BY ANU! Anu will make sure you feel like a superstar on your wedding day, combining comfort, confidence, and some sentimental touches.

"Before going to the Starter Company+ Program, I didn’t know what was needed to run a new business in Canada. It’s a great opportunity to improve your business in many different ways." — Anu (Shashika DeSilva)

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