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LaBaress Body Sugaring

The Hair Removal Solution You’ve Been Longing For

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Are you looking for a natural, holistic approach to skincare, but unsure where to begin? Look no further than LaBaress Body Sugaring! LaBaress is passionate about nurturing healthy, radiant skin, and prioritizing your skin’s overall health and well-being. They specialize in the Art of Body Sugaring Hair Removal, using only the purest, clean ingredients that can benefit and cater to even the most sensitive skin.

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About LaBaress Body Sugaring

Company Overview

The mission at Labaress Body Sugaring is simple: to nurture healthy, radiant skin through holistic beauty practices.  Specializing in body sugaring, hair removal, and intimate brightening treatments.  LaBaress is committed to promoting bare beauty, harnessing the power of clean, natural ingredients and providing a safe, professional environment for intimate care services.

The LaBaress Story

LaBaress Body Sugaring is located at 125 St George St W, in Fergus. The name tells a story that embodies commitment to integrating values with nature. A playful pun for ‘The Bare Ass,’ LaBaress signifies a strong dedication to using clean beauty products with ‘naked’ ingredients to deliver the highest quality for your skin.

The Early Days of LaBaress

Christina Quarrie, the founder of LaBaress, is a graduate of Glow College of Artistic Design. With a background running a small family business, Christina's passion for the beauty industry led to the creation of LaBaress in April 2022.  Her business experience gave Christina substantial knowledge across several facets of entrepreneurship, including managing employees, payroll, accounting, inventory management, and operating the POS system. While she had knowlegde of the concepts of digital marketing, delving into the intracacies of SEO practices and the backend of marketing was a new experience that further expanded her entrepreneurial toolkit.

History with Digital Main Street

After discussing her digital marketing challenges with another entrepreneur, Christina found a solution in Digital Main Street and the Digital Transformation Grant.

The digital support Christina recieved helped her understand innovative marketing techniques, and also emphasized the integration of SEO into all her content, showcasing the significance of effective marketing strategies.

The Digital Transformation Grant allowed LaBaress to purchase an iPad for formulating and publishing social media content.  The grant money also funded Google Advertising, providing the business with its highest return on investment.

Christina as an Entrepreneur

Christina’s growth as an entrepreneur since starting LaBaress Body Sugaring is evident. When asked what advice she'd give to her past self when she first started her business, she exclaimed, “Embrace the journey! The challenges along the way are opportunities for learning and personal growth.”

So, if you're on the hunt for a natural, holistic skincare partner dedicated to helping you look and feel your best, then head on over to LaBaress Body Sugaring for the hair removal solution you’ve been longing for!

"The person who helped me with my application was amazing! He helped me stay organized, get the application in on time, and ensured that my business qualified for the grant." — Christina Quarrie

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