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Kids Inc. Camp

Connecting your Child with the Outdoors

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The love of spending time outside has always been a childhood staple. Whether you’re playing road hockey with your friends, running around the schoolyard, or exploring the forest, being outdoors was something that we all craved growing up. However, over the past number of years this phenomenon has changed. With kids constantly being glued to their screens, the love of the outdoors has seemed to wane within the younger generations. If only there was a place created with the sole purpose of enhancing children’s love for the great outdoors. Thankfully, at 5567 4th Line in Erin, this utopia exists; Kids Inc Camp!

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About Kids Inc. Camp

Company Overview

Kids Inc Camp is an outdoor recreation program designed to foster a lifelong connection between kids and the outdoors. This family run, community focused company sits on 30 acres of pristine, private land. Their grounds encompass a pool, play forest, pond, variety of sports fields, an outdoor stage, shelters for picnics, tent areas, an archery range, and even a disc golf course! 

There’s an amazing Kids Inc Camp experience waiting for any child entering SK, all the way up to Grade 10. While all you parents are at work, Kids Inc has you covered with both summer and PD/PA Day camps to keep your kids having fun while you’re on the job! 

Don’t have time to drive your kids to Erin every morning? No problem! Kids Inc offers a daily bus service that runs in Caledon, Eramosa, Erin, Guelph, Halton Hills, Milton, Orangeville, Peel, and the surrounding areas! If that wasn’t great enough, Kids Inc is all about convenience! They offer flexible hours to make your life easy! You can drop off your camper as early as 7 AM and pick them up as fashionably late as 6 PM!

History with the Business Centre

At the turn of the millennium, Mary-Kay and now-husband, Jason were both working in the Recreation and Fitness industry. The dynamic duo felt that the growth of the programs Mary-Kay was managing could be bigger and better. In 2002, they decided that they were ready to take a big risk and open their own company which lead to them pursuing their lifelong ambition of camp ownership.

Fast forward to early 2023, where Mary-Kay found herself in a sticky situation. Their online booking system was outdated and their digital marketing skills needed a serious upgrade. So, she was on the hunt for ways to give her business some futuristic improvements. This is where the Business Centre of Guelph-Wellington and Digital Main Street came into the picture. 

With the help of the $2500 Digital Transformation Grant, coupled with the expertise of the Business Centre’s tech team, Kids Inc Camp was off to the races! These tech gurus gave the pair a masterclass in online booking systems and digital marketing techniques. The grant was used almost exclusively for enhancing their website’s SEO capabilities, bringing in a professional to ensure that their website was optimized for success. 

Mary-Kay as an Entrepreneur

Mary-Kay has always been in love with the idea of running her own camp. When she was younger, attending summer camp, she was constantly asking the camp owner questions about how he ran his facility. After fielding several inquiries, he finally asked Mary-Kay about the nature of her curiosity. She replied simply by saying, “Because I want to own one someday!”

The camp owner probably thought nothing of it, but Mary-Kay made good on her word. Since opening Kids Inc Camp in 2002, the growth of Mary-Kay as an entrepreneur is obvious. When asked what she would tell herself when she first started her business, Mary-Kay exclaimed, “Jump into new technologies faster. You can’t stop the change.”

So, if you are looking for a place to send your child the next time they get a break from school, check out Kids Inc Camp! There, they will learn community spirit, leadership, a connection with nature, confidence building, but most importantly, have fun!

"I look forward to staying connected with the Business Centre and DMS to keep learning and finding new educational and funding opportunities to help our business shine as bright as possible." — Mary-Kay Amos

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