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Fancy That Cake

An Elegant Wedding Cake, for the Modern Couple

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Getting married is one of, if not the happiest day of a person’s life. However, the time leading up to the wedding is also one of the most stressful. If you or someone you love is getting married soon, you know that the pre-wedding checklist is a mile long. One of the focal points of your reception is the wedding cake. So getting the perfect wedding cake is high on nearly every couple’s to-do list. After reading this article, you can officially end your cake studio search by contacting Kellie Barclay of Fancy That Cake.

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About Fancy That Cake

Company Overview

Fancy That Cake is a Centre Wellington-based custom wedding cake studio serving Fergus, Elora, Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge, Orangeville and beyond. Every custom creation is designed specifically for you, and Kellie will work with you to bring your vision into reality. Fancy That Cake specializes in elegant, handcrafted sugar flowers, made in house by Kellie. They can be customized to coordinate with the rest of your wedding florals and colour scheme. In addition to their incredible cakes, you can also request extra treats for a dessert table for your guests. Whether that be macaroons, cupcakes, or cookies, Kellie will surely satisfy the sweet tooth of everyone on your guestlist. 

Kellie has always been passionate about baking and bringing joy into people’s lives. In 2010, she decided to share her gift with couples everywhere by opening Fancy That Cake. Her business saw so much support that in 2021 Fancy That Cake made the move to full time weddings only.

History with the Business Centre

Kellie ensures that every single cake that goes through her front door is made to perfection. With so much time and energy being put into her craft, it is very difficult to find time for other business priorities. This includes, marketing, content creation, working on her website, and customer relationship management. While networking with other entrepreneurs, the solution to her problem appeared; the Digital Transformation Grant 4.0 from Digital Main Street.

Looking to apply for her $2500, Kellie hit a snag with not having a brick-and-mortar store. However, with the help of the knowledgeable Digital Main Street team, she was informed that she was eligible for the grant because she pays commercial property taxes on her home-based cake studio. 

The $2500 Digital Transformation Grant was used to have new product photos done to showcase Kellie’s masterful work. It also funded the creation of a professional 20 second video loop encompassing all that Fancy That Cake has to offer. Finally, Kellie contracted Honeybook Pro to set up her CRM system that is now being used to its full potential.

Where are they now

Since her time working with Digital Main Street, the professional photos and videos have been implemented on Fancy That Cake’s social media pages and website. The response to her new look content has been extremely positive, resulting in a major uptick in activity across platforms. Also, the Honeybook CRM process is now working smoothly. All of this automation has freed up a great deal of time for Kellie to focus on what matters most in her business; creating the perfect wedding cake for your special day. 

So, if you or someone you love is stressed out about their seemingly endless wedding to-do list, end your cake studio search right now by contacting Fancy That Cake to get an Elegant Cake for the Modern Couple.

"I’m grateful to have qualified for the Digital Transformation Grant as it allowed me to do things that were not in my budget and I wouldn’t have been able to do without receiving the grant." — Kellie Barclay

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