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Living in pain is something that many people deal with in their day to day lives. This makes it extremely difficult to complete everyday tasks and live life to the fullest. This is something that Susan Nash knows all too well. A car accident at age 17 left her dealing with a fractured skull, extreme pain, migraines, and ongoing complications. After spending years figuring out a unique approach to deal with her pain, Susan decided to open her own business in 2005 to help others in the same situation. This led to the creation of Body Innovations Inc. whose mission is, “To help people live their best life and reduce their pain.”

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About Body Innovations Inc.

Company Overview

"At Body Innovations, we pride ourselves on being a holistic educational Pilates studio that focuses on the mind-body connection in order to improve your overall health and lifestyle.”

 Body Innovations is located in the Ignatius Jesuit Centre at 5420 Highway 6 North, Suite 354, in Guelph. They offer both group and private Pilates classes, yoga, and post-physiotherapy work to help you live happy, healthy, and with reduced or no pain. Can’t make it into the studio? No problem! Along with their in-person classes, Body Innovations also offers programs in the comfort of your home, via Zoom!

 History with the Business Centre

Susan had extensive knowledge when she opened Body Innovations in 2005.  She received degrees in Chemistry and Medical Technology, along with having earned certifications in Pilates, Personal Training and Chinese Medicine to help understand holistic methods of rehabilitation. Despite her impressive resume, Susan had no experience with running a business when starting out. 

 In order to gain industry knowledge, Susan took courses in entrepreneurship, marketing, and hiring at the Business Centre of Guelph-Wellington. These workshops were invaluable to the business, giving Susan the skills that she needed to turn Body Innovations from an idea to a thriving business in the Guelph community. 

 History with Digital Main Street

Being an in-person, customer-facing business, the COVID-19 pandemic hit Body Innovations particularly hard. Susan knew that she needed to completely scrap her old business model in order to be successful in the new digital world. Instead of hoping that things would quickly go back to normal, Body Innovations immediately pivoted to offering free Zoom yoga, Pilates and fitness classes.

 Eventually offering paid Zoom sessions, the “jump into the abyss” that Susan made paid off for Body Innovations. Even after the pandemic had subsided, Body Innovations did not revert back to their old business model. They instead found new ways to earn money and cater to their newfound, digital customer base. However, this new business model would require an updated website to allow for a seamless blend of online and in-person mediums.

This is where Digital Main Street and the Digital Transformation Grant came into play. The $2,500 grant that Body Innovations received fostered the construction of their new website. This wouldn’t be possible without Susan’s ability to let go of what worked in the past, and focusing her sights on where the world was headed.

 Susan as an Entrepreneur

Susan’s growth as an entrepreneur, since first starting Body Innovations in 2005, is clear. When asked what she would tell herself when she first started her business, she stated, “You are going to be everything you want to be. Just take it one step at a time.” As a new entrepreneur, it is very easy to get caught up planning 5 years, 10 years, even 20 years ahead. But as Susan progressed through her entrepreneurial career, she learned the importance of “thinking in the now.” 

 So, if you are someone who is dealing with pain and looking for how you can live a happy, healthy life with reduced pain; contact Susan Nash of Body Innovations to help you live your best life.

"My experience (with the Business Centre and Digital Main Street) was fabulous. I can’t say enough. Nemanja (Miceta) is the greatest! He made my experience just wonderful." — Susan Nash

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