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Forget Confidence!

Focus on this One Thing to Increase your Visibility with Less Overwhelm and More Ease

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When becoming more visible in your business comes with a feeling of dread, and it’s become an anchor to your growth, have you ever thought, or ever been told, that it’s your confidence holding you back? What if the root of you holding back from putting yourself out there and becoming more visible like the business owner you imagine, had nothing to do with confidence?

Do you believe it would be possible for you to start showing up as you, feeling more confidence and becoming more visible without working on your confidence? What would your business look like, and how would you feel, when you’re being seen and heard in a way that feels authentic, and you end up consistently getting found and hired?

In this interactive, multi-dimensional conversation, Chief Visibility Catalyst Danielle Joworski will lead you through a thought-challenging journey, helping you to shift your focus to an invisible cause that’s preventing you from:

-daring to put yourself out there in bigger, bolder ways
-evolving your presence, thought leadership, and
-promoting yourself as the expert that you are.

You’ll leave this conversation with stories, tips and insights intended to help you to start seeing being visible in a new light, releasing your visibility anchor, and feeling motivated to take immediate action to step out and be seen in a whole new way.

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Date & Time

October 25, 2022 12:30 pm




  • Danielle Joworski


  • Gain insight on benefits of visibility
  • Learn new skills and ways of thinking to implement in your visibility strategy
  • Be motivated to take the next step


Danielle Joworski

Danielle Joworski is a Mindset Coach, Visibility Consultant, and TV Host of The C-Suite and In Studio on Rogers tv. Her work focuses on emboldening women 40+ who feel stuck, stalled or settling in their work to feel more confident becoming visible in what they do so they achieve the career path and success they envision for themselves at this point in their career or business easier, simpler, and faster. She blends her backgrounds in leadership, adult education, and entrepreneurialism to create supportive environments where women feel safe to explore what’s holding them back, and learn how to replace their doubts, worries, and fear of being seen and heard with belief, courage, and confidence in who they are and what they do.

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